Saturday, March 25, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 12

If there is any confusion, Week 11 is not missing, the post is labeled "The West Legacy: Welcome To Gen 2". Another important update, I changed my graphics settings! I downloaded some CC and it looked muddy and faded, so I fixed the graphics and WOW. Some of the earlier pics in this post where taken before the change. (Also, just a warning, some of this is just me obsessively taking pictures of everything.)

Sunday: Family Comes to Stay

"Family Bonding Time". I have done this one before, but I have a mod that allows more than 8 sims in your household at one time, and so I organized a family reunion!

Jared split up with Morgan, and now has four children! (And one of them is nearly albino).
I didn't manage to snap a picture of his two other children, Randolph and Sandi. For some reason, Sandi is not Morgan's (Jared's ex-wife) child. (Her actual mother is unknown at this time but will be in the next post)

I believe that Jared divorced his wife because she was seeing someone else. The last time I made Lara visit their house so that I could get photographs of the family, Morgan was heartbroken because her boyfriend dumped her.

Morgan has recovered remarkably quickly, seeing as she already has a new boyfriend named Arlo Bunch.

Anyway, Lara was happy to see her brother. The twins and Fae played with Tisha and they are all good friends.
(They will never come to permanently live with them though, as taking care of ten sims is exhausting.)

Wednesday: The Great Graphics Improvement

"Lice. All of your sims' hair is short". The update required editing your sim in CAS (Create-A-Sim) for it to work, so this was the perfect challenge. (Only Natalia and Marge needed different hairstyles because they were the only ones with long hair).
Look at how pretty the graphics are!!!
Aaaaaaah!!! It looks so smooth now!!!
To show off how stunning the graphics look, I searched around their house to find something that appears to be better than before. That was when I saw the diamond that Fabian had stolen from work.
*Gasp* SHINY
After giving the girls a makeover, I noticed that Marge's hygiene bar was low, but as soon as she went to take a shower, this little gnome blocked the doorway. Look at that smug little pose too.

Shortly after the gnome was removed, everyone started to freak out about the door. Out of curiosity, I checked the front door to find the source of terror. The sim they were scared of was Corrine somebody. (I forgot her last name). She goes to high school with Fae. I don't know why they live in fear of Corinne. The world may never know.

That is kind of a shady look though...

Speaking of school, Natalia and Marge worked on their homework in the snow.

Whilst they were working hard, some guy walked by them. I wouldn't have cared, until I saw his name. I'm so sorry your parents were so cruel, Erwin Ewi Bip.
The face of defeat XD

Saturday: Kitty!

As my online name might suggest, I love cats. That's why, when I rolled "Get a cat and build a super swag room for it", I got really excited. So Fae immediately called the adoption center, and Wonton the kitten is on her way!

This is the room,

and the newest member of the group!

I love you, Baby Wonton!

Lara has been had the want "Get Married" for a while now, so I figured it was time to move on. So, while at the park, Lara found love with Luther Alvi. For some reason, he won't wear anything but his pajamas...

I removed some CC, so her outfit was missing. This is the new one.
Jared, what are those?!
Wanton arrives
1. She has sushi and I want it  2. Why is she eating it w/ a fork?

Someone doesn't want waffles, lol

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