Monday, February 27, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 4

Sunday: Calm

Ever since Fabian went to jail, life with just Jillian has been very relaxing. She got a lot of work done, leveled up her cooking skill, and changed her hairstyle.

You go, girl!

Cute hair:

The event for today: "What an ugly baby you have. Have baby with ugliest sim in town". I think because of his elf ears and giant chin, Fabian is the ugliest sim in town. 

Fabian is out of jail (And has removed the makeup), and Jillian is pregnant with a (Possibly ugly) baby!

Edwardo became a teen.
He looks a bit like Legolas, lol

He has his father's chin
He found love while some old guy browsed the internet.
And he even got a job at the mausoleum. Creepy, but very much like his dad.

And to top it all off, meet Lara (Inspired by Lara Croft, because the generator said so)!
Her traits are: Good and Genius
A well deserved rest.

Thursday: We WON!

"You won the lottery. Add 50,000 to your funds". Yes! It's finally time to fix what was broken by the repoman. They now have a shower, a nursery, a computer, and (Of course, for being so great) Jillian's bass. Success!


Peace and quiet 

Finally, a shower!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 3

Sunday: Culinary Career

"Get a Job". Jillian has had a wish to join the Culinary Career for a while now, this is for her.

It is now winter and they still have to swim in the freezing river from their lack of a shower.

Jillian went to a rave to keep up morale.

Tuesday: A Man's Makeup

I feel that this roll is best expressed in a picture.
Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline
Maybe the reason Fabian is so fabulously dressed is for a special occasion, his birthday!

There was plenty of dancing and cake! Happy 30th, Fabian.

Thursday: Midlife Crises

Jillian has aged up as well. Now they are both having their midlife crises together (Aww?).

Jillian went to the spa and had a run-in with Eduardo. She is still unaware of his identity and he looks traumatized.

The challenge for today is to redecorate a room to be another room. I am turning the former living room into a kitchen!

Because this challenge is short, and easy to do, I will be generating another event tomorrow. 

Friday: Prison for Fabian

"Make a small jail, put a sim inside". 

I worry about the fact that he was telling Jillian something about the Criminal Career and money at breakfast, they just received 1,000 simoleons, and now he's in jail. (We're onto you). 

The couple both have a new wardrobe.

(Jillian is now dressed as Queen Kida, and Fabian is dressed as...uh...Fabian in a different outfit.)


(I can see why they married each other now, lol)

Friday, February 24, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 2

Sunday: The Reaping

The first roll of the week has been a tragedy. "My stuff! Force the repoman to visit". There were many losses. Jillian's bass is gone, Fabian's neighbor watching telescope privileges have been revoked (It's probably for the better), the computer and the chair (I was unaware you had to pay your chair bill), along with the entire living-room. They will be missed.

Marta Aguilar, the monster responsible. I'm going to remember you.

The aftereffect.

In other news, Jamie Lewis has been freed, and has joined the Police force.

"The Reaping" is probably her doing, seeing as they kidnapped her, held her in a glass box, and watched her through their telescope. Oops. (Not my fault.)

Tuesday: The God with Many Eyes

"Potato. Worship the potato on an alter. Do not eat". Umm...ok.
Worship of "The Many Eyed God"
Fabian is still being a criminal by stealing from the public park.

He also got promoted.

Jillian started a blog named "Potato" (I'll give you three tries to figure out what it's about).

Eduardo is now a child.

And because their shower was taken, they are constantly swimming in the river to fill their hygiene bar.

Friday: Pizza Appreciation 

"Flirt with the pizza delivery person". I can think of a certain white haired sim that loves pizza very much, so this is her challenge.
Mission Accomplished
Funny Pics:

Really? You like him?

Swimsuit Seminar

Yet another unrealistic standard for women


Thursday, February 23, 2017

The West Family: A Random Legacy Challenge

Hello! I'm Sprinklekitty, and this is the Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge. The rules are simply that you start a family and, once every three sim days, roll a random generator to determine their fate.

Original rules found here:

So, without further ado, welcome to The West Family Legacy!

Day One: The New Neighbors
I started off by rolling the characteristics for the new couple.

This is Jillian West.
Her rolls were "Make her look like your favorite disney princess (I chose Kida)",
"Muscular build (Which suits Kida pretty well, I think)",
and "Yellow eyes".
She is Absent Minded,
Party Animal,
and Natural Cook.
This is Fabian West.
His rolls were "Elf ears",
"Large chin",
"Coloured hair (It is coloured, it's just hard to see)",
and "Pink eyes".
He is Loner,
Star Quality (Someone wants to be famous),
and Evil.
Oh No.

Every nine days, I roll for new housing items. To start, I built them a "Tiny house that includes a luxurious study", as the challenge instructed. 
(I am beginning to believe the telescope was a bad idea. Telescope are for watching stars, not neighbors, Fabian. Weirdo.)

Ok, first event is... oh no. "Cheater! One of your sims must adopt a child with a sim other than their spouse".
Meet "Eduardo" (Not my choice). He will be living in a different household.

Ignorance is bliss.

Wednesday: Professions and Pizzas

"Sports contract. One of your sims must join the Athletic Career". Another roll, and it has been determined that Fabian will be the one doing this challenge. 

Not only Fabian has found something he loves. Jillian has struck up an interest in pizza. Lots of pizza.
"My Love"

Other than that, life for the Wests has been uneventful.

Saturday: "Can We Keep It?"
Roll number three. "Keep your neighbors. Kidnap the first person to come to your door."

Well, this should be fun...

Jamie Lewis should be returning to her family in three days. (Don't act like it wasn't you, Mr. Neighbor Watcher).

Until Next Time:

Well that wraps up their week for now, but I did manage to capture some funny photos to end today with. 

The Psychopath Swimmer 

and his wife:

The Ballistic Bass Player

*Sniff* *Sniff*
It seems that I'm in for a very interesting playthrough.