Sunday, February 26, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 3

Sunday: Culinary Career

"Get a Job". Jillian has had a wish to join the Culinary Career for a while now, this is for her.

It is now winter and they still have to swim in the freezing river from their lack of a shower.

Jillian went to a rave to keep up morale.

Tuesday: A Man's Makeup

I feel that this roll is best expressed in a picture.
Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline
Maybe the reason Fabian is so fabulously dressed is for a special occasion, his birthday!

There was plenty of dancing and cake! Happy 30th, Fabian.

Thursday: Midlife Crises

Jillian has aged up as well. Now they are both having their midlife crises together (Aww?).

Jillian went to the spa and had a run-in with Eduardo. She is still unaware of his identity and he looks traumatized.

The challenge for today is to redecorate a room to be another room. I am turning the former living room into a kitchen!

Because this challenge is short, and easy to do, I will be generating another event tomorrow. 

Friday: Prison for Fabian

"Make a small jail, put a sim inside". 

I worry about the fact that he was telling Jillian something about the Criminal Career and money at breakfast, they just received 1,000 simoleons, and now he's in jail. (We're onto you). 

The couple both have a new wardrobe.

(Jillian is now dressed as Queen Kida, and Fabian is dressed as...uh...Fabian in a different outfit.)


(I can see why they married each other now, lol)

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