Monday, February 27, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 4

Sunday: Calm

Ever since Fabian went to jail, life with just Jillian has been very relaxing. She got a lot of work done, leveled up her cooking skill, and changed her hairstyle.

You go, girl!

Cute hair:

The event for today: "What an ugly baby you have. Have baby with ugliest sim in town". I think because of his elf ears and giant chin, Fabian is the ugliest sim in town. 

Fabian is out of jail (And has removed the makeup), and Jillian is pregnant with a (Possibly ugly) baby!

Edwardo became a teen.
He looks a bit like Legolas, lol

He has his father's chin
He found love while some old guy browsed the internet.
And he even got a job at the mausoleum. Creepy, but very much like his dad.

And to top it all off, meet Lara (Inspired by Lara Croft, because the generator said so)!
Her traits are: Good and Genius
A well deserved rest.

Thursday: We WON!

"You won the lottery. Add 50,000 to your funds". Yes! It's finally time to fix what was broken by the repoman. They now have a shower, a nursery, a computer, and (Of course, for being so great) Jillian's bass. Success!


Peace and quiet 

Finally, a shower!

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