Friday, February 24, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 2

Sunday: The Reaping

The first roll of the week has been a tragedy. "My stuff! Force the repoman to visit". There were many losses. Jillian's bass is gone, Fabian's neighbor watching telescope privileges have been revoked (It's probably for the better), the computer and the chair (I was unaware you had to pay your chair bill), along with the entire living-room. They will be missed.

Marta Aguilar, the monster responsible. I'm going to remember you.

The aftereffect.

In other news, Jamie Lewis has been freed, and has joined the Police force.

"The Reaping" is probably her doing, seeing as they kidnapped her, held her in a glass box, and watched her through their telescope. Oops. (Not my fault.)

Tuesday: The God with Many Eyes

"Potato. Worship the potato on an alter. Do not eat". Umm...ok.
Worship of "The Many Eyed God"
Fabian is still being a criminal by stealing from the public park.

He also got promoted.

Jillian started a blog named "Potato" (I'll give you three tries to figure out what it's about).

Eduardo is now a child.

And because their shower was taken, they are constantly swimming in the river to fill their hygiene bar.

Friday: Pizza Appreciation 

"Flirt with the pizza delivery person". I can think of a certain white haired sim that loves pizza very much, so this is her challenge.
Mission Accomplished
Funny Pics:

Really? You like him?

Swimsuit Seminar

Yet another unrealistic standard for women


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