Thursday, February 23, 2017

The West Family: A Random Legacy Challenge

Hello! I'm Sprinklekitty, and this is the Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge. The rules are simply that you start a family and, once every three sim days, roll a random generator to determine their fate.

Original rules found here:

So, without further ado, welcome to The West Family Legacy!

Day One: The New Neighbors
I started off by rolling the characteristics for the new couple.

This is Jillian West.
Her rolls were "Make her look like your favorite disney princess (I chose Kida)",
"Muscular build (Which suits Kida pretty well, I think)",
and "Yellow eyes".
She is Absent Minded,
Party Animal,
and Natural Cook.
This is Fabian West.
His rolls were "Elf ears",
"Large chin",
"Coloured hair (It is coloured, it's just hard to see)",
and "Pink eyes".
He is Loner,
Star Quality (Someone wants to be famous),
and Evil.
Oh No.

Every nine days, I roll for new housing items. To start, I built them a "Tiny house that includes a luxurious study", as the challenge instructed. 
(I am beginning to believe the telescope was a bad idea. Telescope are for watching stars, not neighbors, Fabian. Weirdo.)

Ok, first event is... oh no. "Cheater! One of your sims must adopt a child with a sim other than their spouse".
Meet "Eduardo" (Not my choice). He will be living in a different household.

Ignorance is bliss.

Wednesday: Professions and Pizzas

"Sports contract. One of your sims must join the Athletic Career". Another roll, and it has been determined that Fabian will be the one doing this challenge. 

Not only Fabian has found something he loves. Jillian has struck up an interest in pizza. Lots of pizza.
"My Love"

Other than that, life for the Wests has been uneventful.

Saturday: "Can We Keep It?"
Roll number three. "Keep your neighbors. Kidnap the first person to come to your door."

Well, this should be fun...

Jamie Lewis should be returning to her family in three days. (Don't act like it wasn't you, Mr. Neighbor Watcher).

Until Next Time:

Well that wraps up their week for now, but I did manage to capture some funny photos to end today with. 

The Psychopath Swimmer 

and his wife:

The Ballistic Bass Player

*Sniff* *Sniff*
It seems that I'm in for a very interesting playthrough.

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