Thursday, March 9, 2017

The West Legacy: A Special: Jillian

The blog for tomorrow is for Week 11, and in that time, Jillian passed away too. In fact, she passed away on a Sunday, at 5:00 (One week and one hour away from Fabian). I wasn't very sad when she died, probably because she's with her husband now. Anyway, here is her memorial.

Jillian lived a (Mostly) calm life.

She liked fitness,
that is until she slipped on a treadmill.

After that she liked fitness whole pizza in her mouth.

Even though her husband was a con-artist, she lead a very simple, gnome-invaded, and happy life. 

She made many great memories with her two children, Lara and Jared.

Jillian West was buried on Monday, next to her husband.

===We have now reached the end of Generation One, so I will end this chapter of The West Legacy with a short story.=================================================

    "Do you think they will be okay out there?"                     "I know they will."


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