Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The West Legacy: Week 10

Sunday: Adoption

"Adopt a child". Lara made the call, and a little girl was on the way!

Unfortunately, Fabian passed away right as the toddler was delivered. (Read The West Legacy: A Special: Fabian).

So, in honor of Fabian, meet Fae.
(Because she is adopted, I have to roll to determine her appearance. 
Her rolls are:
Red Hair,
Black Eyes, 
Short Hair, 
and Perfect Traits.)

Jillian keeps eating spoiled pasta. I wondered why until I realised it was the last meal that Fabian ever prepared. (That's so sad. I wanted to make a pasta pun to lighten the mood, but I think it might be im-pasta-ble).

Wednesday: Opportunity

"Poof! One of your sims is the opposite gender for three days".
Cosmo Reborn
With this opportunity, I decided that Lara and Cosmo could have biological children. (Little did I know, it would be TWO children).

Jared got a job in the Military Career. 

Eduardo has two kids now.
He has his dad's hair and his mother's eyes

She has her grandpa's hair and eyes. Should I be worried?

Fae aged up.

Friday: Trouble

"Fight! Make your sim couples fight". (I didn't manage to capture their fight because I spaced out and forgot that I needed pictures)

Cosmo is female again.
I gave her a new outfit and hairstyle
Lara had twins! The generator said to name one Marge (After Marge Simpson), and the other one was named Natalia by a separate generator.
Marge. (The gnome memorial in the back, lol)

I made her male in CAS, but she still had a girl's body
Who is this?

They are in the house too?!
This one has an axe...

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